Collaborative Business Continuity Plan Development and Management




Tabletop Exercises

From custom designed and delivered to "off the shelf"




Disaster Experiences

Tabletop Exercises delivered as mock disaster simulations





Actionable Crisis Management Planning for Meetings & Events



Streamlining the Process of Business Continuity Planning

Attainium delivers the expertise and services to develop your Business Continuity Plan and ensure that it stays current and relevant.


Crisis Management Planning for Meetings & Events

Event-Aware simplifies developing and deploying crisis management and emergency response plans for meetings and events by putting the information literally at your fingertips. The service combines plan development (using what you have or starting from scratch), then deploys it to an easy-to-use mobile app making Crisis Management Planning for Meetings & Events both actionable and accessible.

Business Continuity Planning

Attainium assesses an organization's ability to cope with and recover from a wide variety of disruptive events.  This is established by performing our readiness assessments, risk and business impact analysis, the development of a complete business continuity planning ("Plan-A-ware"), ongoing plan testing and plan maintenance.

Tabletop Exercises

To ensure that your Business Continuity Planning will work when disaster strikes, Attainium develops and delivers innovative tabletop exercises and drills to improve plan usability and awareness. Our tabletop exercises target the threats, hazards, and vulnerabilities that concern you and focus on the response and recovery skills you want to improve. Exercises can be conducted on-site by our facilitators or purchased on our website as a Conduct It YourselfTM Tabletop Exercises.

Seminars and Workshops

Attainium also produces seminars & workshops designed to educate and enlighten including our interactive Disaster Experience simulations, BCP workshops, speeches on business continuity, emergency preparedness, and crisis management. Custom programs can be developed to meet any specific time or content requirements.

Consulting and Training

While all the services that Attainium provides are unique to our clients, companies may request additional strategic consulting services in the area of organizational design and development, crisis and risk management, and other crisis management related areas such as communications and infrastructure review.

Latest Articles, Blogs & NewsBriefs

Cancel, Postpone, or Go Virtual? How are you handling the pandemic meetings challenge?

Who knows when face-to-face meetings will again be possible? There are some large face-to-face meetings now being held in China and other Asia Pacific nations, but only under extremely strict guidelines and sanitary procedures. That also could be the case in the US, but nobody knows when the "all clear" might sound. We do have to start planning for such meetings in case they can happen, but we also have to decide what to do if they don't. 

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Podcast: Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

from BBB National Programs Podcasts

Not that long ago, none of us would have guessed we’d have to manage a pandemic. One thing we can learn from this is that being prepared for any surprise is imperative. Bob Mellinger of Attainium Corp, @Attainium, shares insights on how to plan for the unexpected.

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Returning to Work after COVID-19: What to Know and Do

Reopening businesses and getting back to a more normal work situation will be different for everyone. The first thing is to realize that nobody will be returning to things the way they were. "Normal" will not be what we are used to. There are many things that will need to be done before you can welcome employees to the workplace again - and before they will feel comfortable returning to the workplace after this pandemic.  

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Webinar: Crisis Management for Your Meetings and Events

Hosted by Matrix Group International

Recently, Bob Mellinger, @Attainium, joined Joanna Pineda, @MatrixGroup, for a webinar - Crisis Management for Your Meetings and Events - where we shared a solid framework for managing crises & making tough decisions about your upcoming meetings.

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What should you be doing now to prepare for the next crisis?

As we work at home during this pandemic and listen to the experts predict what might or might not happen next with COVID-19, it may be time to think about updating our crisis management plan for the next crisis. Why update the plan if the pandemic has passed? Well, the CDC and other experts think that, once the curve has flattened, we may have another outbreak in the fall. Or perhaps not all of us will be able to go back to work at the same time. And, let's be realistic, there are other crises that we may face in the future. The global financial situation could be a hurdle you need to consider. Also, hurricane season is just around the corner.

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